Event Management

Events range from a birthday celebration to a corporate product launch and much more. Be it be a musical extravaganza, a product launch, a birthday celebration, or a wedding we make it happen through our collaborative and customized approach.

Corporate Event Management

Corporate organizations and enterprises often conduct events that include massive get-togethers or product launches. Whatever the event be regardless of it being of national or international cadre, we at Unity Ads & Events, make it happen most stylishly and elegantly.

Entertainment and Show Management

People love to be entertained and we are the master in conducting such events on a grand scale. Events including musical shows or theatre performances and many similar ones get planned and managed by us within the stipulated timeline.

Conference Management

Conferences keep happening from time to time. Once we get approached for managing one, we try to plan and customize the event as formally as possible. Everything from room-booking to food and much more gets executed by our experienced professionals.

Theme-Show Management

If you have any ideas for them-shows just come to us. We will help in managing and conducting the event the way you want it. Be it be a sustainable theme, corporate, or anything else, our event management specialists will focus on how it can be done most affordably.

Special Occasions

Birthdays, after-graduation parties, or any celebrations come under the “special occasions” category. We focus on making these special occasions one-of-a-kind, which will be talked about in the family for years to come.